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Web Tutorials

If you are unfamiliar with the Unreal Editor, we have a set of web tutorials that will help you get started with all the different types of content creation for Unreal Tournamen.

Content Creation

Import or create your own content using the Unreal Tournament Editor in Unreal Engine 4.

Level Creation

  1. Basic Level Design with BSP
  2. Cooking Custom Content

Cosmetic Items

  1. Creating_Cosmetic_Items

Weapon Creation

  1. Creating and importing a Weapon Mesh
  2. Creating a Weapon (C++)
  3. Flak Cannon (C++ version from UT3)
  4. Enforcer (C++ version from UT3)

Game Conversions and Mods

Helpful tips for modifying the base gameplay, or creating your own all new gametypes.


  1. C++ Mutator
  2. Blueprint Mutator - Instagib
  3. Blueprint Mutator - Low Grav

Game Modes

  1. C++ Game Mode Tutorial


  1. Basic_Blueprint_Networking_(Unreal_Tournament)

Server Administration

  1. HTTP Server Administration (C++)

Map Conversions

  1. Converting Maps from previous Unreal Tournament games


Tutorials can be freely added by the community. Once added, other users can edit and update tutorials to keep them accurate. To learn more about writing your own tutorial, please visit the Get Involved page for instructions. Another great resource are our videos. If you want to just jump right into making a tutorial, then go ahead and create a new page.

Share a Tutorial

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If you are looking for a tutorial that has not yet been created, Post your ideas here!