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Original Author: Rama (talk)

Dear Community,

In this wiki I explain how it is that you can debug packaged games, both by having the debug symbols/files available for the UE4 crash reporter, and via attach to process using Visual Studio!

Debug Symbols For Crash Reporter

If you're reading this you probably have gotten a crash in your packaged game and simply been told that you do not have debugging symbols enabled/available to assist further with figuring out what happened.

To package the game so that debugging symbols are included, check out this pic!

You can get here from Package Project -> Packaging Settings or Project Settings -> Packaging Settings


Debugging With Visual Studio

To debug a packaged game via Visual Studio:

1. In visual studio, compile the game for DebugGame Win32/Win64

2. After packaging, add all of the DebugGame files you find in your Binaries folder to your packaged Binaries folder, in Win32/Win64 directory.

3. Run the DebugGame executable instead of the regular one.

4. After your game starts, open visual studio, and press CTRL + ALT + P

5. Find your game in the process list and select it.

6. Now debugger symbols will load and you have full debugging help for your game!



Oh ye UE4 C++ Programmers!

You can now rest easy, your debugging powers in packaged games have just exponentially increased!

Rama (talk)