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Exploring the functionality of the ShooterGame example

The purpose of this page is to collect and present information about the ShooterGame example that comes with the Unreal Engine (see the Marketplace to download it).


ShooterGame is a C++ based example.

Additonal background can be found in the Official Documentation:


To generate the MS Visual Studio 2013 project file do the following:

1) Open windows explorer

2) Navigate to your ..\Unreal Projects\ShooterGame directory

3) Right-hand click on the ShooterGame.uproject to bring a context menu

4) Select "Generate Visual Studio Files"

You should now see a ShooterGame.sln in the same directory

[thanks goes to Robbie from the UE4 Skype chate for pointing this out]

VS2013 ShooterGame Screenshot

Configuration of Game Variables

The file "/Config/DefaultGame.ini" is referred to by the game for data such as: WarmupTime=15 RoundTime=300 TimeBetweenMatches=15 KillScore=2 DeathScore=-1 DamageSelfScale=0.3 MaxBots=1

Key Bindings

Key bindings are found in the file /Config/DefaultInput.ini

Animation Code

The Player's animation code is found mostly in ShooterCharacter.cpp

The Player mesh is set in "ShooterGameMode.cpp" at line 7 where "/Game/Blueprints/Pawms/PlayerPawn" is passed to PlayerPawnOb. This is a Blueprint with additional information from the Editor.

Starting the Level once menu selections are made

The function to be called is "serverTravel()"