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 This page is a place for the community to view and provide data on Android devices that have run UE4. Please add devices under the appropriate GPU family or add one if it doesn't exist. Even without know the GPU your phone has, if you provide the specific model number someone else may be able to fill in that data. Please be sure to include the OS version of your device.


LDR (Match3) - Low Dynamic Range. The highest performance tier supported in UE4 and is recommended for games that do not require lighting or postprocessing features
Basic Lighting (StrategyGame) - Leverages static lighting and fully rough Materials to create levels with interesting lighting while maximizing performance to reach a broader range of mobile devices
Full HDR w/ Sun (SunTemple) - This tier is the same as the 'Full HDR' tier and has the same advantages and recommendations except that a single directional light is rendered at much higher quality

 For detailed information on the Rendering Features in the table, see our Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices page.

Supported - Device passed basic compatibility testing and is expected to work, barring minor issues that may need to be fixed for certain features, or low performance
Expected - Device was not fully tested but the hardware is expected to be supported, barring any unique software/driver implementation

Customer Device List

Device LDR (Match3) Basic (StrategyGame) Full HDR (SunTemple) UE4 Tested OS version

Epic Games Currently Tested Device List

Device LDR (Match3) Basic (StrategyGame) Full HDR (SunTemple) UE4 Tested OS version
Samsung Galaxy S2 Supported(60fps) Supported(40fps) Supported(5fps) 4.15 4.04
Samsung Galaxy S3(Mali) Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(10fps) 4.15 4.30
Samsung Galaxy S4 Supported(60fps) Supported(46fps) Supported(13fps) 4.15 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Supported(60fps) Supported(38fps) Supported(7fps) 4.15 4.4.2
Samsung Galaxy S5 Supported(60fps) Supported(50fps) Supported(16fps) 4.15 5.0
Samsung Galaxy S6 Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(42fps) 4.15 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(46fps) 4.15 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(39fps) 4.15 6.0.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Supported(60fps) Supported(48fps) Supported(33fps) 4.15 4.4.4
LG G Pro 2 Supported(60fps) Supported(51fps) Supported(25fps) 4.15 4.4.2
LG G5 Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(33fps) 4.15 6.0.1
LG Nexus 5 Supported(60fps) Supported(43fps) Supported(22fps) 4.15 5.0.1
LG Nexus 5 Supported(60fps) Supported(50fps) Supported(22fps) 4.15 6.0.1
LG Nexus 5X Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(24fps) 4.15 7.1.1
Sony Xperia Z2 Supported(60fps) Supported(57fps) Supported(25fps) 4.15 4.4.4
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Supported(60fps) Supported(42fps) Supported(12fps) 4.15 5.0
Asus Zenfone 2 Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(22fps) 4.15 5.0
Motorola Nexus 6 Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(30fps) 4.15 6.0.1
HTC Nexus 9 Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) 4.15 6.0.1
Huawei Nexus 6P Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(36fps) 4.15 6.0.1
Huawei Nexus 6P Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(45fps) 4.15 7.1.1
Huawei P9 Plus Supported(60fps) Supported(50fps) Supported(41fps) 4.15 6.0.1
Nvidia SHIELD Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(56fps) 4.15 6.0.1
Google Pixel Supported(60fps) Supported(60fps) Supported(58fps) 4.15 7.1.1