VaOcean Plugin

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Name VaOcean Plugin
Category Environment
Author Vladimir Alyamkin
Version 0.4-a6 Hotfix 1
UE4 Build 4.4.0


VaOcean is the ocean surface simulation plugin for Unreal Engine 4.

The plugin includes:

  • Component that renders displacement and gradient (normal) maps in real time
  • Sample content, including water shader and grid meshes to be used on scene
  • Set of global shaders that perform FFT calculation and other tech stuff on GPU

Plugin is actively used in SeaCraft project development.

Current version: 0.4 Alpha 6 - Hotfix 1

Plugin access

Plugin is avaible under MIT open-source license, you can download it here (please read installation notes, unusual step required). Source code is available on Github:

Preview videos:

  • Open ocean


  • Grid patch


  • Wireframe


Plugin is in alpha stage now, and I'm going to add and improve a lot of things next.

Additional notes

Today plugin is available only on Windows platform due to current limitations of OpenGL implementation used by the engine. It will be fixed once we'll be able to use structured buffers with OpenGL.