Unofficial Hydra Plugin

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Name Unofficial Razer Hydra Plugin
Category Input
Author Getnamo


An Unofficial Razer Hydra Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

Since version 0.8, the plugin works through both Unreal Engine Motion Controller and Input Mapping abstraction as well as through a convenience component for hydra specific events and functions.

The plugin also handles hot plugging and emits HydraPluggedIn (HydraUnplugged for the reverse), allowing you to initialize if needed when the device is ready.

Main discussion thread

Quick Setup

  1. Download latest from Github
  2. Create new or choose project.
  3. Browse to your project folder (typically found at Documents/Unreal Project/{Your Project Root})
  4. Copy Plugins folder into your Project root.
  5. Restart the Editor and open your project again.
  6. Enable the plugin via Edit->Plugins. Scroll down to Project->Input Devices. Click Enabled.
  7. When your project has reloaded, the plugin should be enabled and ready to use.

How to use

For all cases please see the up-to-date Github Readme.


Post your questions and suggestions at the main forum thread.