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Name VaRest Plugin
Category Network
Author Vladimir Alyamkin
Version 1.1-r14
UE4 Build 4.10-12


VaRest is the plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that makes REST server communications simple to use with full Json query support.

Current version: 1.1 R 14 (3 August 2016)


Key Features

  • Flexible Http/Https request management with support of different Verbs and Content Types
  • No C++ coding required, everything can be managed via blueprints
  • Blueprintable Json wrapper with almost full support of Json features: different types of values, arrays, both ways serializarion to FString, etc.
  • Blueprintable FJsonValue wrapper - full Json features made for blueprints!
  • Both bindable events and latent functions are provided to control the asynchronous requests

Moreover, plugin is completely free and available under MIT open-source license. You can use it in commercial projects, you can modify anything, etc. In other words, you're in charge.


Check the VaRest Wiki to know more about the plugin and get usage examples!

Working example

Here is a working example of a VaRest implementation: BlastBestBuy


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