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Name TensorFlow Plugin
Category Machine Learning
Author Getnamo
Github https://github.com/getnamo/tensorflow-ue4


Unreal Engine plugin for TensorFlow. Enables training and implementing state of the art machine learning algorithms for your unreal projects.

See the main plugin thread for the latest downloads and updates.

Quick Setup

  1. Download latest release
  2. Create new or choose project.
  3. Browse to your project folder (typically found at Documents/Unreal Project/{Your Project Root})
  4. Copy Plugins folder into your Project root.
  5. Restart the Editor and open your project again.
  6. When your project has loaded, the plugin will use pip to download the matching TensorFlow dependency, this usually takes a few minutes
  7. Once it has finished, restart your project
  8. Plugin is now ready to use

Quick Example

Check out https://github.com/getnamo/tensorflow-ue4-examples repository for some examples such as recognizing hand written digits in UE4.


Basic MNIST softmax classifier trained on begin play with sample training inputs streamed to the editor during training. When fully trained, UTexture2D (1-3) samples are tested for prediction.

Documentation and Discussion

For all use cases please see the up-to-date Github Readme.

Post your questions and suggestions at the main plugin thread.