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General UE4 C++ Question

Please ask C++ questions over on the UE4 AnswerHub!

Tutorial Requests

Feel free to post tutorial requests here, and I hope that others besides me will read them and consider making a wiki page for your request! Rama (talk)

@Rama Request --> Thank you for the great tutorial on dynamic widgets, could you extend it by demonstrating how to return a value from the dynamically created button back to the original blueprint? I know this sounds remarkably simple, but I've been beating my head against the wall all day! Thank you! @storshun.

Request--> New section for your amazing enum tutorial - part about TEnumAsByte and casting between normal enum, I am getting mad from compiler errors because of converting between normal enum and TEnumAsByte. Can't find any documentation about TEnumAsByte. - nonder

Request--> Is there a way to enable word-wrap for a large text in blueprint nodes or text input fields?

Request--> Could you please make a tutorial on "How to set RootComponent to StaticMesh dynamically from the Path ??"

Request--> A UDP Event Listener Blueprint (open up a UDP port, and trigger events when incoming messages hit)

Request --> Grasping an Object & Interacting with it ---> Physical Handle Component or following a mouse XY delta

Request -> In-depth particle systems. - Skydive <3

Response -> what exactly do you mean? How to control particle system parameters from C++ ?

or just how to spawn and attach them?

Response -> Everything, pretty much... Lol. - Skydive

Response -> Ahhhh... I get it now!

Request -> An overview of the networking system within the C++ code for UE4. - SwitchNZ +1

Request -> An abstract overview of the code base. The different naming spaces you guys are using for classes. Why some starting with U, others with T, A, E or F? An overview of the common classes like containers, vectors, transformations and colors. Most importantly the arguments and default arguments of macros like UPROPERTY - Wrr

Request -> Basic overview of creating a HUD with Canvas - Sam_Hi

Request -> Adding things to your "HUD with Canvas" Tutorial. In AnswerHub you talked about a scrolling list. Drag & Drop features would be awesome too. :) Nadège.

Request -> How to load umap levels at runtime (and save, if this is possible. Else a neat way to save all actors with all their properties.)

Request -> How to change orientation of player character (for instance, when simulating a change of gravity direction) - mdnorth

Request -> C++ samle code to make a latent function for blueprints. Exactly like the Online CreateSession. Has 3 outputs, next node, Success, Failure and calls the Success or Failure when the net request results come back to the delegate.

Request -> C++ sample code to exactly duplicate the If node. A boolean in, a flow in, two outputs one for true, one for false.

Request -> How to load a custom ini file using the ConfigCacheIni system.

Request -> How to use your VictoryBP Plugin for AI pathing on dynamically created Actors. I have a dynamically created actor with a sphere collider with its Area Class set to my custom one (like shown in your video), but it's not working.

Problem with the sockets :(

I hope you can help me with thisone:!

Blueprint -> C++ Project

Not sure if this is a new feature, but you can right-click on .uproject file in windows explorer and generate VS projects files at the click of a button.

Help with installing your Extra Blueprints plugin

I'm using UE 4.7.6, and it won't load my game properly. -will0956

Big thanks to Rama

Your tutorials are really helping me nearly every day. Thanks a lot for all your work!

Yes me too, Rama is like Epic, you're awesome!

Yes, Go Rama! I went through your serialization tutorial because I needed a way for my Unreal Engine to communicate with my Login server which I wrote in Go lang. I was able to serialize structs, and then unserialize them in Go lang! Lord Northern (talk) 10:07, 8 December 2017 (UTC)

UDP tutorial Issue

Hello Rama,

     I am currently working on the UDP communication from UE4 to UE4. Could you tell me where do we get the UDPSendReceive.h file that we included into the RamaUDPSendReceive.h file. I do not have that file. How do I add that into my Project? Thank you.

Big thanks to Rama

Your tutorials have been very helpful and the advice you gave helped us out in a big way. We would like to credit you in our credits for the game. Can you contact me at with the details of how you would like it credited please???