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Game Information
Developer gameDNA
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms iOS, Android
Release Date August 16th, 2016 (RELEASED)
Genre Endless Running
Technical Director Patryk Stępniewski
Creative Director Mateusz Zaranek

It's time to become the one who chases! Dodge obstacles, cast powerful spells and knock out robbers and giants to get back stolen coins in CHASERS, a fantasy-themed endless running game full of magic and a pinch of humor!


  • Run through a town in which goofy gnome robbers and giants await to stop you.
  • Dodge obstacles, avoid dangerous traps and throw magic stones at your derpy enemies to get back stolen coins.
  • Play as Chase, his sister Chasy or one of their friends, Bobby or Daisy.
  • Cast powerful spells that make you even more unstoppable on your running adventure.
  • Complete quests to level up chasers and unlock rewarded achievements.
  • Feel the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of knocking out robbers.
  • Get caught in an addictive and dynamic gameplay with smooth and intuitive swipe controls.
  • Explore a spellbound, vivid and breathing world with a unique atmosphere.
  • Experience fabulous 3D graphics with beautiful and colorful hand-painted textures as well as amazing visual effects.
  • Run past your friends' high scores to become the best chaser ever!



Watch trailer on YouTube.


We love endless runners! So when some time ago we thought it would be cool to make our dream come true, we ultimately decided to develop exactly such kind of game on Unreal® Engine 4. We wanted to put our own spin in the genre and make the whole thing more like a fairytale, thus we started to imagine a fantasy-themed world full of magic in which our protagonist would be the one who chases, not the one who runs away. And that's why, at the end of the day, we called the game CHASERS! Basically it was developed in the spare time but recently we have completely devoted ourselves to the game and for now we want to focus only on it and our plugins! We can't wait to put our ideas into practice and share our creations with the world! We are going to update CHASERS on a regular basis so get ready for new cool characters, amazing spells, awesome worlds to explore, and much more. We still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves!

About gameDNA

gameDNA is an indie game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. So far it is a two-person team but they hope that soon there will be more of them. Their goal is to draw on the DNA of classics to create awesome games that will delight players like good old ones but with a modern twist. Currently gameDNA is about to release its first mobile game called CHASERS, an endless runner for Android and iOS, powered by Unreal® Engine 4 for which they created successful plugins to help other developers in the production of their games.

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