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This is a brief tutorial to help users who want to install the Allegorithmic Plug-In for Unreal Engine 4 to allow them to use Substance in UE4. These instructions have been tested and are working as of March 5th 2015 and on versions 4.7.0 + of the Unreal Engine and with Plug-in Version For earlier versions, these instructions may work but have NOT been tested, please see the forums listed below for precise instructions with earlier versions.

Plug-In Referernce Pages on the UE4 and Allegorithmic Forums:

Substance plugin for UE4 - How to get it working Plug In Release
Substance UE4 Forums, for future Plug-In Releases look here


These instructions assume you want to get the most current version of the Plug-In from a Source Location with the Engine Source.

Find the Version of the Plug-In which works with the Engine Version you are using. Normally there is an updated plug-in version for each Full version of the engine and are denoted by the Engine Version number followed by an iteration number ( Follow the Source Link.

You will be taken to Allegorithmic's Fork of the Unreal Engine 4, Download the Zip File. (NOTE: You will need to have a GitHub Account)

Open your download location and find the downloaded ZIP File.

Extract the Zip File to where you want your Engine to be installed. (I keep a Directory on a Secondary Drive for GitHub Builds)

Opening the newly extracted Directory, Run the Setup.bat file to download and Install all Engine Dependencies

Once Dependencies are downloaded and the CMD window closes, Run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file

Open the newly created Visual Studio Project Files in VS 2013 and Build Solution(as of 4.7.0 you must compile the engine on Visual Studio 2013)

Once the Build is Complete, Find the UE4Editor.exe file to Open the Editor.

Create a New Project.

Open Project Settings and insure that the Substance Sub-Section appears.