Rollercoaster Plugin

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Name Rollercoaster Plugin
Category Virtual Reality/Player Controller
Version v1
UE4 Build 4.3.1


This plugin adds a RollercoasterPlayerController which will follow a Landscape SplineMesh around your level, allowing you to build a rollercoaster like this one;


Image of the UE4 rollercoaster demo

More information and the download link are on the Oculus Developer forums.


1. Copy the RollercoasterPlugin folder to; <your UnrealEngine folder>\Engine\Plugins\Runtime

2. Copy the Content folder to; <your project folder>\Content

3. Start the Editor 4. Click Window->Plugins 5. Enable the Rollercoaster plugin (restart the editor when prompted to do so)


See the tutorial video here;

Source Code

The full source code is included in the zip and is also track on github;