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Game Information
Developer Clapfoot
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Platforms Windows
Release Date 28 July 2017 (Steam early access)
Genre Co-op / Sandbox / MMO
Lead Designer Matthew Rigg

Foxhole is the second game project from Clapfoot utilising Unreal Engine after 'Fortified'.


Foxhole allows the user to join The Colonials or The Wardens as a footsoldier, having the choice of contributing to a persistent war by organising, acquiring and transporting resources as well as supplies, providing manpower and vehicles in combat, building and managing fortifications and upgrading production facilities with the end goal of annihilating the opposition.


Cooperation is imperative in the game, as players must work to manufacture and deliver supplies to frontlines, in order to provide weapons, fortifications and outposts for the war effort, with the end goal of capturing all opposing outposts. Players will work together to create extensive fortifications, vehicles, artillery, ordnance and supplies in a coordinated war of logistics with the aim to ultimately defeat opponents in player-versus-player combat.



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