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Title Developer Publisher Platform(s) Release/Comments
Defendion VR DillyFrame DillyFrame PC 7 May 2018
Asteroid Defender! Gray Wolf Interactive LLC Gray Wolf Interactive LLC Steam March 14, 2018
Warriorb NotYet NotYet PC Not Yet
Maze Qore Arena Néotl Empire Néotl Empire PC, iOS, Android, Switch 6 February 2018
Welcome To The Future Moonmen Games - Microsoft Windows TBA
Eximius AmmoboxStudios - PC TBA
Virtual Towers Online Immortal Media Studios Immortal Media Studios PC TBA
Urbexed: Forgotten Screams Immortal Media Studios Immortal Media Studios PC TBA
Fly Destroyer VR DillyFrame DillyFrame PC 27 October 2017
Robby's Adventure DillyFrame DillyFrame PC 30 August 2017
The Coma Lux Caput Lux Caput Windows PC 01 September 2017
Pixor Crowsfield Crowsfield Android 17 July 2017
The Plague Frosty Elk Frosty Elk Windows PC Q4 2017
The Cave Walker Miskovy Games Miskovy PC 24 June 2017
TARTARUS Abyss Gameworks Abyss Gameworks PC, Mac TBA
TORQUE Zephyr ZeeGee Android TBA
The Minzo Archives Home Page Minzo Studios iOS, Android, HTML5, Supported-Consoles, PC Just linking our archives to avoid spamming the page.
Watershed Valence Interactive Valence Interactive Windows x64 22 February 2017 (Free game for charity)
Heart At Hack MaboyzCrew MaboyzCrew Android, IOS 3 January 2017
Final Beginning - Game Jolt Final Beginning - Tee Kit Studios N/A Windows x64 8 December 2016
Among the Asteroids 2ScarsGames N/A Android 28 August 2016
Astronaut Bob Kutay CINAR N/A Android 18 August 2016
ABC Augmented Reality Vahid AzadiApps Android,iOS 27 July 2016
Lost Dream Rafael Vittini N/A Android, IOS July 2016
Bike Balance Ali Alkhazraji A&S3D Productions Mobile (Android) 1 May 2016
DragonWingsVR Wyrmbyte, LLC Wyrmbyte, LLC PC, Oculus 11 December 2016
aMase Corvus Game Studio Corvus Game Studio Mobile (Android) 21 February 2016
The Cubes ActiTiger Games N/A Desktop:PC,Mac,Linux TBD
CONSORTIUM: The Tower Interdimensional Games, Inc N/A TBD December 2017
The Mammoth: A Cave Painting inbetweengames N/A PC, OSX, iOS, Android, HTML5 2015
the Absence(Working Title Permafrost Development N/A PC, (& PS4) Q1 2018
Abatron W3 Studios N/A PC, Mac, Linux TBD
Abductions - The Hum Totwise Games N/A PC, PS4, Oculus, Project Morpheus 2016
Agent Ortiz DewBurn Interactive N/A PC, Xbox One, PS4 2016
Age of Blood Galaxy Interactive N/A PC 2015
AIPD Blazing Badger N/A PC, PS4 , Xbox One October 2015
Alone in the Dark: Illumination Pure FPS Atari PC March 2015
Ancestory Kajak Games Kajak Games Windows 13 October 2015
Apathy Reach Game Studios ReachNET PC, PS4, Xbox One 2016
Archeo Archeo Dev N/A Windows TBD
AR Master Shooter Media4 & RealGames N/A IOS, Android May 2016
Ashen Aurora44 N/A Windows TBD
Astray Aegon Games N/A Windows, Oculus. Possible Mac, Linux and console release 3 February 2015
Avarice VertrumUnlockedGames N/A Windows. Possible Mac and Linux release. Steam Marketplace TBD
Bacon Man: An Adventure Skymap Games N/A Windows, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4 Q1 2016
Barrage Tectonic Studios N/A PC TBD
Bad Day: Online Farom Studio N/A iOS, Android TBD
Bad Day: Rebellion Farom Studio N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD
Bierzerkers Shield Break Studios N/A Windows Q1 2015 (Early access)
Birds of Flight Galactic Lighthouse N/A iOS, Android, Windows Phone December 2015
Beyond Flesh and Blood Pixelbomb Games N/A Windows, XBOX ONE, PS4, Linux (in test) Q3 2015 (Early access)
Beyond Despair Heatherglade Heatherglade Windows TBD
Caffeine Incandescent Imaging N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD 2015
Cassini Tundra FX N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD
CHASERS gameDNA gameDNA iOS, Android 16 August 2016
Check It Scott Michaud / Loose Screw N/A Windows+ All development occurs on Twitch.
Closer 8-lines Studio N/A Windows + TBD TBD
Coland Rekas N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD 2014
Colonel Apple Pie Jones Slice VR N/A Oculus, HTC Vive TBD
Christmas-Life HD Polygon Art N/A Windows (December 2014
Crashdamned Prelude Searbyte Software N/A Windows February 2016
Dawn of H'btakh megaeggz N/A PC TBD
Daylight Zombie Studios ATLUS PS4, PC 24 April 2014
Dead Crusade Aesthetic Games N/A PC TBD
Descent: Underground Descendent Studios N/A Windows/PC, Mac, Linux Oct 2015 Early Access - Return of the 6DOF vehicle shooter + VR
Dialectical GameGony N/A Android August 2016
Diesel Guns LLC Intenzibne N/A Windows December 2015
DOGEcrash Game Builder Club and Building 3d Game Birds Gameapp Maker Co. N/A Windows, Mac, Linux Summer 2014
Dovetail Games Fishing Dovetail Games Dovetail Games Windows Q4 2014 (Early access)
Downward Caracal Games Studio N/A PC, Mac, Linux 2016
Dinosaur Run Kenomica Productions N/A PC TBD 2017
Eliosi's Hunt TDZ Games N/A PC, PS4, and XBox One Q3 2016
DRAW Trilith Interactive N/A PC Q3 2015
DRONE Zero Gravity Isaac Nichols N/A PC Q4 2014
Dwarrows Lithic Entertainment N/A PC Q4 2016
Eden Star Flix Interactive N/A PC TBD
Entity: Outlier Lockeblade Interactive N/A Next-Gen Console, PC TBD
Escape Velocity Setapp Sp. z o.o. N/A Samsung Gear VR 2016-01-28
Entropic Shop VR Big Horn Studio Big Horn Studio HTC Vive, Occulus Touch 24/01/2018
EVE Valkyrie CCP Games N/A Oculus, Project Morpheus TBD
Fable Legends Lionhead Studios Microsoft Studios Xbox One, Windows 10 TBD
Fernbus Coach Simulator TML Studios Aerosoft PC 25 August 2016
FishGibble Alwyn Dippenaar Steam GreenLight Google Play PC, Mac, Android 1 May 2014
Fragmented Above and Beyond Technologies N/A PC/Linux May 2016
The Flame in the Flood The Molasses Flood N/A PC/Mac 24 February 2016
Fortnite Epic Games N/A PC TBD
Foxhole Clapfoot N/A PC 28 July 2017 (Steam early access)
Galacide Puny Human Puny Human PC (Steam) 28 July 2015
Gate To Glory @Ormanator N/A PC TBD
Gears of War 4 The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios) Microsoft Studios Xbox One, Windows 10 11 October 2016
Grey Harvest Baby Cthulhu N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD
Hammer Time Sk3lGames N/A Android, Windows 1 October 2015
Hero: Relight Samac Studios N/A PC Steam Early Access - 28 July 2017
Holes Ahead! Bad Mood Games N/A Android 17 February 2016
H-Hour: World's Elite SOF Studios N/A PC Steam Early Access - 21 April 2015
Heavy Gear Assault MekTek Studios Stompy Bot Productions PC TBD
Hit Me Hard (H.M.H) Inner Dream N/A PC TBA
IgnisUprising Venomeeses N/A Windows October 2014
Insomnia RPG Studio MONO N/A PC, Mac, Linux 2016
Instant Gratification House Of Hades N/A PS4, PC TBD
Jump Jump Fall Agile Perception N/A iOS, Android 23 October 2015
Kholat IMGN.PRO IMGN.PRO Windows, Mac, TBD
Kaboom Arena Gobbo Games N/A Windows, Linux Alpha Out Now
Kieru Pine Fire Studios N/A Windows TBD
Killing, My Friend Hard-Boiled Software N/A PS4, PC, Xbox One TBD
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Square Enix Square Enix PS4 2016
Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix Square Enix TBD TBD
Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix Square Enix First on PS4 N/A
Kingdoms Of Witchcraft E.T. N/A PC TBD
Kingsmen Stealth Mode Games N/A PC TBD
The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order Epoch Games N/A PC TBD
Liberation 71 Team 71 Team 71 PC TBD
Loading Human Untold Games N/A Oculus, Project Morpheus TBD
Lost Under Paris InfiniPlex Studios N/A Windows, Mac, Linux TBD
LSD Lazy Games N/A PC 2015
M.A.I.A. DomySoft N/A IOS, Android, PC, Oculus TBD
Medusa's Labyrinth Guru Games N/A Windows TBD
Mega Blast Get Set Games N/A iOS, Android Summer 2015
My Last Friday Gadan Games N/A Windows TBD
My Party Quiz Media4 & RealGames N/A IOS, Android November, 2015
Nebula Artica N/A PC TBD
NORA GravTech Games N/A PC 2016
Unseen DesertTEC N/A PC, Linux, Mac TBD
Obduction Cyan Worlds N/A PlayStation 4, PC (Windows, Mac) 24 August 2016
Obliteracers Varkian Empire N/A PS4, XBox One, PC Released (PC February 2016, XBO/PS4 July 2016)
Origins Of Malu Origins Of Malu N/A PC / MAC TBD
The Park Funcom Funcom PC Released
My Paperboat TML Studios Aerosoft PC / MAC / (iOS) 23 September 2015
Penkura Lionsart Lionsart PC TBA
Pesadelo 2 Skyjaz Games N/A PC, Possible Mac and console release TBD
Pneuma: Breath of Life Deco Digital N/A PC, Xbox One, PS4 27 February 2015
Planet Alpha 31 Adrian Lazar N/A PC, Mac, PS4 TBD
PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG Corporation PUBG Corporation, Microsoft Studios PC, Xbox One March 23 2017 (PC Early Access) December 20 2017 (PC 1.0 Launch) December 12 2017 (Xbox One Preview)
Pow @michaelallar N/A PC, Mac, PS4 TBD
Praesidium : The Devil Egg Freak'Studio TBD PC, Oculus Rift TBD
Project Icarus Lethal Lens Productions N/A PC, Linux, Mac, Oculus Rift, Possible console release TBD
Project Infinity Bootcamp Studios N/A PC, Oculus Rift TBD
Project Lakewood Project Lakewood Dev Team N/A Windows, Linux TBD
Rage Disco Suicide Penguin Studio N/A PC 2018
Project: Redfield Arcus Interactive N/A PC TBD
Protech Warfare NexTask N/A PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Android, IOS TBD
Real Boxing 2 Vivid Games Vivid Games IOS, Android 2015
Recovery Stew Heckenberg N/A PC TBD
Red:Out 34BigThings N/A TBD TBD
Refunct Dominique Grieshofer Dominique Grieshofer PC 16 October 2015
Refunktion Dominique Grieshofer Dominique Grieshofer PC 26 September 2014
Renoir Soulbound Games N/A PS4, XBox One, PC TBD
Republic Sniper MartianCraft MartianCraft iOS [Possibly Android, PC/Mac] TBD
Relics of Ra Not Big Enough Games N/A iOS, Android 4 May 2016
Roll Playing Game Feline Fuelled Games N/A PC, Linux 2015
Rime Tequila Works SCEE PS4 TBD
RITE of ILK Turtleneck Studios n/a PC, console TBD
Rudo Resurrection Rotary Games n/a PC for starters 2015
RUN Torch Games N/A PC, possibly Mac and Linux -
Satellite Command Stormtide N/A Android, iOS, Steam Q4 2015
Shape of the World Stu Maxwell N/A Xbox One, PC Spring 2016
Shenmue III Ys Net (Yu Suzuki) N/A PC, PS4 2017
ShowdownVR Frontseat Studio N/A PC Released on September 19 2016, available Now!
Silicon Dash Stephen Draina N/A IOS 5 May 2016
Mirage: Arcane Warfare Torn Banner Studios N/A PC 23 May 2017
singmetosleep acatalept N/A PC / Windows (Oculus Rift optional), Linux TBD
Skyfire Agile Perception Agile Perception Mac, Linux, PC, PS4, Xbox One Q4 2016 or Q1 2017
Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island Right Nice Games N/A PC, PS4, Xbox One Q1 2017
Solus Teotl Studios/Hourences N/A PC TBD
The SoulKeeper HELM Systems, LLC N/A PC TBD
Spellbound Wobbly Duck N/A PC, HTC Vive 5 September 2016 (Early access)
Squad Offworld Industries N/A PC 2016
Switch Grey Games / Tom Looman N/A PC TBD
Starfall Tactics Snowforged Entertainment N/A PC (Mac, Windows, Linux) TBD
Starry Expanse (realRiven) 59 Volt Entertainment N/A PC (Mac, Windows, Linux) TBD
Stellar Invasion Corvus Game Studio Corvus Game Studio Mobile (Android) 11 November 2015
Stone Rage Mountainwheel Games N/A PC (Windows) TBD
Storm United PixelBeam N/A PC (Mac, Windows, Linux) 27 March 2015
Space Hulk: Deathwing Streum On / Cyanide Focus Home Interactive PC, PS4, XB1 14 December 2016
Spink Red Girafe Games Red Girafe Games Android July 2016
Sphere Complex OC Game Studio N/A PC 18 November 2016
The Station Stelios Media N/A PC, possibly Mac and Linux TBD
Street Fighter V Capcom, Dimps Capcom PS4, PC 19 February 2016
SUPER DISTRO Kitatus Studios N/A PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Nintendo Wii U TBD
Survive or Die Codengine Studio N/A PC, possibly Mac and Linux TBD
Super Francis World Guillaume DEMAY N/A Xbox One 2015
Submerge Icebird Studios N/A PC TBD
SUBMERGED Uppercut Games N/A PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile 2015
Synthesis Universe -Maze-Orb-Dash-Racer-Memory Fragments XX- OlivierJT TBA PC, PS4, GearVR Oculus, GearVR, Morpheus, VIVE, Pending support for: Sixense STEM, Virtuix Omni. Release 2015-2016-and more
Tako Tako Spaceharry Studio N/A iOS, Android, VR Spring 2015
Tako Tako Unlimited Spaceharry Studio N/A iOS, Android September 2015
Tantra Rumble GameOlic N/A PC, PS4 and Xbox One Spring 2016
[Tappy Chicken] Epic Games N/A iOS, Android, HTML5 21 May 2014
The Tavern Endhits Studio N/A Windows. Possible Mac and Linux release 2015-2016
The Machines Directive Games N/A iOS, Android, PC, Mac 2016
Thunder Tier One fragOut Studio fragOut Studio PC EA Q3 2016
TBD Rodeo Games Games Workshop Mobile TBD
TEKKEN 7 Bandai Namco Bandai Namco Arcade March 2015
The Source yetanotherIndie N/A Windows, Linux TBA
The Vagrant O.T.K Games N/A PC, Mac 2016
Hypatia TimeFireVR N/A Windows, Native DK1, DK2, Vive (If applicable) 2017
Trials of Kaleos Aerie Softworks N/A TBD TBD
Ultimate Arena AceGamer Network N/A PC, Linux 2016
Unbox Prospect Games N/A PC, Mac, and Linux TBD
Unreal Tournament (2014) Epic Games N/A PC, Mac, and Linux TBD
Valgard and The Armor of Achilles Revolver Game Studio N/A PC, Mac, Possible console release TBD
Venineth IVI N/A TBD 2017
Urban Terror HD Frozen Sand TBD PC, Mac and Linux TBD
Witanlore: Dreamtime Druid Gameworks N/A Windows Q2 2016 (Early access)
XING: The Land Beyond White Lotus Interactive N/A PC, Oculus Rift 2015
Whitewash Bruno Xavier (BD-GS) N/A PC, Mac, and Linux 2015
WORLD WAR TOONS Reload Studios N/A TBD 26 November 2016
VR Pong Nejc Lešek N/A PC, Oculus Rift January 2015
Toby the Brave Marcin Matuszczyk N/A PC TBD
Zombie Town Ahhh Bitporters LTD. N/A Android Q1 2015
ZEscape Madhouse Software N/A PC, Mac, Linux TBD
Steamroll Anticto N/A Windows, Linux, Mac Q4-2015 in Early Access, Q1-2016 final
ZeLastDays ZeLastGame N/A Windows x64 Coop survival game, First playable version on our website!!
Chronogon HyperGames Entertainment N/A Windows TBD
Faceless Watchmaker Watchmaker PC Q4 2017
Crash Force Ascanio Entertainment N/A PC, Xbox 30 June 2017
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Compile Heart, Tamsoft Idea Factory PlayStation 4, PC February 9th, 2017 (Japan, PS4), October 10th, 2017 (USA, PS4), October 13th, 2017 (Europe, PS4), February 27th, 2018 (PC)
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Project Aces Bandai Namco PlayStation 4, PC TBA


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Recent Additions

  • Defendion - Defendion is tower defense strategy game in VR.
  • Warriorb - A challenging spline-scroller platformer game. You play as a mighty spirit trapped in an unlikely body. Will you be able to regain your freedom?
  • Entropic_Shop_VR - Bundle of VR mini-games for HTC Vive and Occulus Touch. Set in a cartoon and absurd environment.
  • Welcome To The Future - Open world game set in the distant future, in a sprawling futuristic city, along with a fully explorable solar system with landable planets.
  • Fly Destroyer - It is a kind of simulator where you have to kill flies.
  • Robbys Adventure - a side-scroller platformer game where you will guide a robot named Robby through numerous obstacles and challenges.
  • HERO: Relight - Adventure to the end of the world to relight the sun.
  • Dwarrows - Control three uniquely skilled characters to adventure and puzzle in this peaceful 3rd person town-builder.
  • Birds of Flight - Mobile vertical racer. Totally features flightless birds.
  • Barrage - A combination of several different genres, from real time strategy to first person shooter and artillery games
  • DOGEcrash - Equal parts action platformer and procedural art generator
  • Mystery - A video game from the pattern of survival horror
  • Rudo Resurrection
  • Survive or Die
  • Pesadelo 2 - Sequences of Pesadelo: The Beginning. Survival

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