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Name VaQuoleUI Plugin
Category UI
Author Vladimir Alyamkin
Version 1.0-b13
UE4 Build 4.4.0


VaQuoleUI is the cross-platform plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that designed to integrate web user interfaces directly into your game. You can use it to create complex menus for lobby, dynamic HUD elements, place UIs to the scene and even embed Google or any other website to the scene.

Current version: 1.1 Beta 13 (17 July 2014)


Key Features

  • Use the power of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create beautiful and interactive game UIs
  • No C++ coding required, everything can be managed via blueprints
  • Full control of web application using JavaScript commands and callbacks
  • Pretty simple and easy to use - no excess classes and complicated schemes
  • Highly optimized to work on complex scenes with a lot of dynamic data

Moreover, plugin is completely free and available under MIT open-source license. You can use it in commercial projects, you can modify anything, etc. In other words, you're in charge.

Why to use Web UI with UE4?

There are few key ideas of using Web UI approach:

  • Web application development uses a natural, designer-oriented workflow, proved by thousands of developers.
  • It has very fast iteration times with live editing and testing independently from the game engine. No "game core" programming required while you're working on UI, and it's cool because you can work in parallel without "race conditions".
  • Shorten time-to-market because of time-tested pipeline and lots of existing tools, WYSIWYG editors, libraries, frameworks and templates.

Personally I find web UI perfect for lobby-like interfaces as hangar from World of Tanks.


Check the Github Wiki to know more about the plugin and get usage examples!

It's recommended to use VaRest Plugin to handle JavaScript communications.


--Ufna (talk) 19:19, 15 July 2014 (UTC)